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How Your Clinic Software Can Pay for Itself

Recently, we helped a well-established clinic implement Clinic Essentials. Like all businesses, this clinic wanted to minimize expenses and increase their revenue. They understand our program and its features but weren’t sure how they would financially benefit from using it. I had been asking questions in the initial meeting to find out if they were facing any issues at the moment. One point was made about the constant challenge with patients booking the next appointment after their visit. They thought that was a patient relations issue and had nothing to do with software. I immediately knew Clinic Essentials could help with this.

One of the features in Clinic Essentials is the patient recall system. This feature was designed to keep patients on track with their health plan and addresses a few common concerns shared by clinics:

  • Patients occasionally drop out of their treatment program because of their busy schedules.
  • Patients can leave the clinic in a hurry without booking their next appointment.
  • Patient who drop out of their plan will experience a less positive improvement to their health.
  • Patients appreciate clinics that care for their well-being and assistance with their time management.
  • Clinics who can consistently keep their patients on track will have a more consistent patient flow through each day and week, resulting in a more consistent revenue flow.

We calculated that getting two patients in the recall system to book their next appointment every month would basically pay for the software. Most clinics actually experience several extra appointments each week due to this simple, effective system to keep patients in their health plan. With Clinic Essentials, you are able to make sure that your patients don’t slip through the cracks where you are hoping that they will call you when they remember.

It’s all about creating a win-win situation for you and your patients. We want to help clinics reach their full potential and know that it’s all about providing the right tools so you can give your patients the best health experience possible while ensuring that your clinic has a steady revenue stream.

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