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New Features in Clinic Essentials 7.10+


How do you email a practitioner their daysheet?

  1. Open the Reports window
  2. Select Scheduler tab
  3. Select the Daysheet report you would like to run
  4. Select the date and practitioner at the right
  5. Preview the report and select Export at the top left
  6. Export as PDF, Destination is Email
  7. Enter the practitioner email address under the To field
  8. If you want to include a message, you can do so under the Message field
  9. Select Export

Can you add additional messages to email reminders?
You can customize the email reminder message to reflect anything you would like to communicate to your patient. Keep in mind that any patient unique information, such as name or last visit, must be inserted using the drop down menu to ensure that each patient receives their own unique information.

Are there automatic features for sending email reminders?
No. However, we will look to add this functionality in the near future.

Can you email newsletters to patients with an email address from Clinic Essentials?
You cannot email newsletters to patients from Clinic Essentials. However, you can export your patient email addresses out of Clinic Essentials and import them into a third party software, such as Microsoft Outlook. You will then be able to send a mass email to your patients with the newsletter.

Where is the online booking page located?
When you sign up for the Online Scheduler, you will be provided an embed code to put on your website. This will allow patients to book directly from your clinic website. If you do not have a website, a shortURL will be provided so that your patients can directly access the booking page.

Will the Online Scheduler show our whole schedule?
The Online Scheduler will not show your schedule at all. The patient requests a time and date they would like an appointment for, and if the appointment is available, it will be booked. If the appointment is not available, the patient will be offered a different time, or they can start over.

How many appointment types are there for the Online Scheduler?
You can add as many appointment types as you like for your patients to choose from.

Do patients have the option to fill in their own paperwork online for a first appointment?
You can add the paperwork as an online document or a form to fill out from your website. Next to the embed code, add a note to patients stating that new patients need to fill out the form and bring it with them to their first appointment.

Is the recall button different by version?
The recall button is the same across all versions, and recalls work the same way across all versions. The exception to this is the ability to email recalls, which is only on version 7.17+.

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