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Seven Questions to Ask When Looking for Chiropractic Software

It can be difficult to decide which software is right for your chiropractic clinic with so many options in the market.

Keep in mind that not all clinic software are created equal. It’s important to define your criteria and know which questions to ask before you invest in a new clinic management solution.

Your clinic management software should help grow your clinic, not create unnecessary processes for your staff. Avoid issues down the road by asking these questions before you choose to go with a specific solution for your chiropractic clinic.

Is the software specific to your service?
Some clinic software programs are either too generic or designed for the wrong industry, but marketed to chiropractic clinics. These solutions are usually inadequate as they are not designed to meet the specific needs of a chiropractic clinic. Be sure that your software provider has expertise in your industry.

What are the costs?
There are different payment models and it’s important to understand how you will pay for the software. Inquire about the monthly and annual fees. Also, ask about any costs that you need to incur for installation.

Is there a guarantee?
Most software providers make similar claims about the benefits of their clinic management software. Some offer a service guarantee if the software does not meet expectations.

Is training offered?
With any software implementation, it is necessary to train the clinic staff on how to use the new system. Software providers that offer a training course indicate they are committed to the success of their clients.

What type of support is provided?
Frustration sets in when you can’t complete a simple task within the software. Support should be offered by the software provider, whether it be a toll-free support line, or a knowledge base section on their website.

Is the software provider established?
When you hire a new employee, you review their work history to ensure that they have the skills to fill the position. You also check their references to confirm assumptions and address any uncertainties about the candidate. So why not do the same when looking for a new clinic software? Find out how long the software provider has been in business and ask for a list of client references.

How will the software make your clinic more profitable?
At the end of the day, you want your clinic management software to help grow your clinic. Look for a solution with features that will make your clinic more efficient and enhance the patient experience. Does the software have an integrated inventory management system? Is there a patient recall system that can send out appointment reminders? Does the software allow patients to book appointments online

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