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The BCNA Conference and BC Chiropractic Convention

October was certainly a good month for conferences.

The BC Naturopathic Association held the Advancing Natural Medicine 11 Conference on October 18-20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Some of our current clients attended this conference, and it gave me the chance to connect with them. It also was an opportunity for me to get their feedback on our clinic software and update them on our development plans for the future.

I also met a number doctors and students interested in learning how our software can improve clinic efficiency. The students were an inspiration to us, with their motivation and eagerness to complete their studies and get into practice.

The BC Chiropractic Convention was held the week after on October 24-27 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Fall was definitely in the air and the colours were fantastic. Our booth was busy with doctors and staff inquiring about how Clinic Essentials can streamline their business processes within the clinic. Like the BCNA conference, I also had the opportunity to speak to many of our current clients attending the event.

Overall, the last two weeks in October were very busy, but well worth it. Attending these conferences brought new opportunities and I look forward to following up with them.

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