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WorkSafeBC Contract Changes

Clinics that have physiotherapists and accept WorkSafeBC clients will have signed on to the new contract which went into effect on June 1st. Please contact WSBC for information on the application process if you have not done so.

We have added functionality within Clinic Essentials that will allow you to distribute the payment as a percentage across all the dates billed for any practitioner. These changes are live as of Clinic Essentials version You must be on this version or greater to have access to the changes. When prompted to import the new fees, select Yes. This import will add both the regular fee codes as well as the no charge fee codes.

Here are the billing steps per block.

  1. Each visit within the time frame of the block, bill the patient the same fee code but with $0.
    (Ex. WSBCF 19291 but with $0. This will bill a no charge fee for the visit.)
  2. Once the assessment block duration has expired, bill your patient the fee with dollar amount with the initial date of service.
    (Ex. Initial assessment block, code WSBC 19291 $215.)
  3. When you receive a payment for that patient from Teleplan, you will need to distribute the payment.
    Select the original fee with the dollar amount that you want to distribute.
    (Ex. WSBC 19291 $215 under the fee column of the ledger.)
  4. Select the Action dropdown and click on WSBC Distribution. This will distribute the payment across all the no charge fees billed within that timeframe that match the original code. It will also distribute the payment to any practitioner that treated the patient during the treatment block.
  5. Once the block duration has expired, you can then bill the WSBC 19292 Standard Treatment Block. You can follow the same steps as above but only with a different block.

It's very important to ensure that you have billed all applicable visits within the block timeframe. There is no “undo” button for the distribution. If a mistake is noticed after the date the distribution is done, there is no way to go back and redo it.

If the payment received is greater than the fee (paying something else as well, such as ICBC or MSP), only the fee amount will be distributed. The rest of the payment will apply correctly.

The distribution happens based on the code you are billing.  This means that if you distribute a payment for code 19291, it will distribute it to all fees that are billed with the code 19291.

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