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Assigning Fee Codes/Item Numbers as F-Keys

December 9, 2012

Instructions on how to assign fee codes/item numbers as F-keys for fast efficient blling.

  1. Have a patient selected in the Name field, either in the Scheduler, or the Patient Information Scree​n.
  2. Click Bill or Billing to get to the Invoicing Screen to appear.
  3. Select the practitioner you wish to use.
  4. Click on the look-up beside Code to display your fee codes and/or item numbers.
  5. Right-click or press Enter on the fee code/item number you wish to save as an F-key. You will be brought back to the Invoicing Screen.
  6. Click the Save button at the top of your screen.
  7. The Save Template Screen will appear. In the Save Template As field, push the F-key on your keyboard you wish to use as a shortcut for this fee code/item number.
  8. In the Comment field, enter a short description of the fee code/item number you are saving.
  9. Click Ok

 * F-keys are set up per practitioner. Applicable to Version 7.12 and higher


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