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Block Time

February 12, 2013


 If you wish to block off a portion of a practitioners schedule,  you can set it up as a Block time. This can be used to block time for lunches, breaks, classes, ect.  


  1. Select Block on the Appointment Scheduler screen
  2. Select Add​
  3. Enter the reason for the Block Time eg. Lunch
  4. ​Add a note to the reason if needed
  5. To select a color, select the lookup icon, select the color and select OK
  6. Select one of the options below ​
    1. Once: select this if the block time will only occur one time
    2. Daily: select if the block time occurs daily for a date range
    3. Weekly and Bi-Weekly: select if the block time occurs weekly or bi-weekly for a date range
    4. Monthly: select if you would like the block time to occur each month for a date range
  7. Set the start and end time Select which days of the week are to be affected (not available for once and daily options)
  8. Set a date range you would like the block time to be active for. If indefinite, enter 31/12/2099 Select "Warn when booking appointments within this block time" if you want to be warned if trying to save an appointment within the selected time
  9. Save

Refresh the Appointment Scheduler for the Block Time to appear. You can do this by closing and re-opening the Scheduler, Selecting the Refresh button, or selecting another day on the calendar up top and selecting the affected date

Applicable to Version 7.12 and higher

Appointment Scheduler

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