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Data Backup

April 21, 2014

Setting up a backup system is a procedure that should never be overlooked. If your clinic is like most businesses, your data is crucial to the daily operations of your clinic. The data on your computers is vulnerable to human error, accidental deletion, computer and hard drive failure, viruses, theft and natural disasters such as fires and floods.

Ask yourself these questions...

If your clinic did lose its data, how long would it take to recreate it?
Could your clinic survive without its customer records, financial data and other documents?

Since data is so important and yet so vulnerable, every business needs a proper method of backing up their data so that it can be restored in the event of data corruption or hardware failure.

Clinics can either do this through a third party vendor or on their own. If you decide to backup your own data, understand that you are responsible for your data and creating the backup. The Clinic Essentials Help Desk team is not responsible for performing your backup or ensuring it's done correctly.

Here are the instructions to backup your data:

  1. Confirm that no one is logged into Clinic Essentials
  2. Open Clinic Essentials on the server, if possible
  3. Plug in USB or external HDD
  4. In Clinc Essentials, go to Utilities > Backup to Hard Drive
  5. Click on on Backup to Hardrive
  6. Select the directory on the USB or external HDD to backup your files
  7. Click OK

This procedure should be done every night. The more frequently you backup, the less data you would have to manually re-enter if data corruption occurred.

Interested in an affordable backup solution? Have peace of mind knowing that your data is being backed up properly.

Data Backup for Clinics

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