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Data Repair / Reindex Your Database

February 18, 2013

Occasionally you may encounter behaviour with data that just doesn't seem right. It may be that a repair or reindex of the data is necessary. Performing routine database maintenance such as reindexing is important for keeping your database running at peak performance. Periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly) perform a reindex on your database. This will rebuild the indexes so that the data is no longer fragmented. As indexes become fragmented, you get inefficient data reads when accessing tables and slower database performance.

IMPORTANT: Before performing this procedure, please make sure that ALL other users have logged out of Clinic Essentials on ALL other workstations.

There are two methods to perform a reindex of the data:

  • When first starting Clinic Essentials:
  • On the Login screen, click on Data Repair

Close the  Appointment Scheduler and Patient Information Screen

  • Select Utilities  -> Reindex

Applicable to Version 7.10.47 and higher


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