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Emailing in Clinic Essentials

May 9, 2013

Clinic Essentials has the ability to instantly send emails to your patients/clients, and attach documents saved to your computer.  Please update Clinic Essentials to the latest version to access this new feature

Setting Up the Email Template

  1. Open the Patient Information Screen.
  2. Select the Email button, located beside the patient email address.
  3. Click New at the top of the email patient screen to create a template for future use.
  4. Template Name: Enter the description/name of your template ( eg. Newsletter).
  5. Subject: Enter the subject of the email that the patient will see when they receive the email.
  6. Body: Click Edit, start typing in the Body field
  7. Click the Insert drop down menu, and select the appropriate data you wish to be displayed in the template (eg.<client_fname><last_appt_date><next_appt_time>). It will automatically insert this data for the patient selected
  8. Save: This template will now be saved in your Existing Templates drop down menu at the top of your screen.

Sending the Email

  1. Open the Patient Information screen.
  2. Click the Email button as described above.
  3. Select your template you had saved to the Existing Templates drop down menu ( eg. Newsletter).
  4. To: will automatically fill in the selected patient's email address.If the patient has no email address it will be highlighted in yellow
  5. Attach: You can attach a document saved anywhere on your computer by clicking the icon next to the field.
  6. Send: It will now send the document you have attached along with the template message you had created in the steps above to the selected patient's email address.

Patient Information Email Reports

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