Mass Marketing Email is a new feature in Clinic Essentials allowing you to email multiple patients at once.

Mass Marketing Email

November 12, 2014

Mass Emailing is now available in Clinic Essentials. This allows clinics to send an e-mail to multiple patients at a time. Please update to the latest version of Clinic Essentials to obtain this new feature!

  1. Close the Appointment Scheduler and Patient Information Screen
  2. Select Reports>Marketing Reports
  3. Select Patient List
  4. Select your report parameters (last visit date, practitioners)
  5. Select the Email option at the top of your screen
  6. You will now see the Email Screen including your list of patients. Please note that only patients with a check mark beside their name will receive an email.
  7. You can choose to unselect any patient name from the list before sending by unchecking the box beside the patient name.
  8. Select an Existing Template from the drop down menu, or create a new template by clicking New at the top of your screen and do the following:
  9. Enter the Subject of the e-mail
  10. In the Body of the email choose the appropriate fields in the drop down menu next to Insert and save the template
  11. You can attach document saved on your computer by clicking the look-up icon next to Attach.
  12. Click Send

Due to restrictions by all Internet Service Providers (ISP), you are limited to a number of emails you are able to send out in a period of time before it is flagged as “spam” by the ISP.

With this in mind, we have staggered the way the mass marketing email sends to somewhat circumvent the restrictions imposed by the ISP. Clinic Essentials will send (n) of emails at once, wait a period of time, send (n) of emails, wait a period of time, and so forth. Due to this, your mass marketing email may take more than 1-3 minutes to send- do not cancel it during this process.

If a particular email address fails, it will create a log file in C:\Clinesse\temp\ with that email address.

To get around this restriction imposed by the ISP, you will need to have them add you to their “whitelist”. A whitelist is a list of IP addresses that have proven to be used for permission-based email only. The ISP allows these emails from your IP through.

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