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Numeric Overflow, Data was Lost

February 18, 2013


This error message can come up when starting Clinic Essentials on a workstation. It only occurs when you have been kicked out of Clinic Essentials 99 times. 


A Data Repair or ReIndex will reset this counter and the message will no longer show. 

  1. Ensure ​all users are logged out of Clinic Essentials. ​
  2. If logged in to Clinic Essentials, close the Scheduler and Patient/Reception screens, select Utilities, select ReIndex and press ReIndex. Allow the ReIndex to complete without interruption. 
  3. If logged out of Clinic Essentials, open Clinic Essentials and click the Data Repair button on the log in screen. Allow the Data Repair to complete without interruption. 
  4. Once the ReIndex or Data Repair have completed, all users may log in to Clinic Essentials. 

You only need to do the Data Repair *or* the ReIndex, not both. ​

Applicable to Version 7.10.47 and higher

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