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Setting Up Member Of or Family Billing

February 8, 2013


Some patients would like to be able to link their chart with family members. For example: A mother would like pre- payments/credits entered on her account to automatically transfer to her son's account. 


Using example above:

  1. Have the son's name and info displaying in the Patient Information Screen
  2. Click the 'Other' tab at the top of the Patient Information Screen
  3. Click Edit at top left of 'Patient Information Screen'
  4. Click the look-up next to ' Member of' and the Patient List will appear
  5. Select the mother's chart by right clicking on her name in the list, or hitting enter on your keyboard with the mother's name selected, and her chart will now be displayed in the 'Member Of' field.
  6. Click Save at the top left hand corner of the Patient Information Screen
  7. Now when you Bill for the son, it will automatically use credits/ pre-payments that are sitting on the mother's chart to pay the invoice.


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