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Text Message Appointment Reminders

March 20, 2013

Just like using Email appointment reminders, Text Message reminders can significantly reduce the work load on the front desk. Many reminders can be sent with one click, and the patient will receive the full appointment information, without taking the time for  a voice call and voicemail messages. Additional marketing information can also be included. Text Message appointment reminders can be a strong alternative to traditional voice calls.

Two pieces of information are required from the patient in order to successfully send Text Message appointment reminders.

  1. Patient’s Cell phone number – entered in the Patient Information window (10 digits)
  2. Patient’s Cell Carrier - entered in the Patient Information window Other tab

 Additionally, The Preferred Appointment Reminder (Patient Information/Other tab) should be set to Text.

 Here’s how to configure Clinic Essentials to send Text Message appointment reminders:

  1.  From the Clinic Essentials menu – choose Tables/Cell Carriers. This is a listing of the Formats for each mobile phone provider.
  2. If the Cell Carrier for your patient is not on the list, click Add.
  3. In the Add Carrier Record window, enter the Carrier Name (eg. Telus) and the Carrier Format. Then click Save.
    1. The Carrier Format usually consists of the number sign (# - required by Clinic Essentials)  followed by the @ sign and concluded with domain information (eg. txt.bellmobility.ca)
    2. Here are some examples of Carrier Formats: (this information should be verified, as carriers change their settings regularly)
      1. Rogers: #@pcs.rogers.com
      2. Fido: #@fido.ca
      3. Telus: #@msg.telus.com
    3. Once all the necessary carriers are added, exit the Cell Carriers table

 To send Text Message appointment reminders:

  1. From the Scheduler – click the Appointment Reminders icon on the toolbar.
  2. Choose the Practitioner for whom the reminders will be sent
  3. Choose the Date the reminders are for.
    1. Each section (Phone, Text and Email) will be populated with patients based on their Preferred appointment remindersetting. This is set in the Patient Information/Other tab.
  4. Edit the Text Message to be sent and include the <fields> that will be populated by Clinic Essentials (Insert Appointment Data into selected message).
  5. Click Send (Text Message) – a dialog box will display how many Messages were sent and each entry in the list will be confirmed (change colour).
    1. If there are any Text Messages that did not send from Clinic Essentials, they will show as NOT confirmed in the list and may not be a valid number or carrier format. Correct and resend.
  6. If the Clinic Essentials Email configuration is set up for SMTP, a copy of the Text Message will be Blind Copied (Bcc) to the set account. If the email is configured for MAPI, a copy of the Text Message will appear in sent items folder.

 Applicable to Clinic Essentials version 7.12.10 or higher

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