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Year End Procedures

November 26, 2013

There are a few things that you need to do at the end of a calendar year in Clinic Essentials. Given the nature of Accounts Receivable reports and that they cannot be reprinted, you will need to print your Patient, Insurance, and 3rd Party Accounts Receivable reports prior to entering any new billings in 2014. This is very important.

Secondly, your visit counters will need to be reset. We have automated this in newer versions of Clinic Essentials.

Reports that MUST be printed are:

  • Clinic Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Clinic Accounts Receivable Patient
  • Clinic Accounts Receivable 3rd

Reports that can be printed are:

  • End of Month Reports
  • Practitioner Production Report
  • Charges and Receipts Audit by Clinic
  • Payment Reconciliation by Clinic
  • Appointment Statistics Summary

End of Year Reports (if end of your fiscal year)

  • Practitioner Production Report
  • Payment Reconciliation

The next steps are only to be done after the last billing is completed in December, OR before the first billing of January.

Resetting the Year to Date Counters for MSP and Patient Visits

For versions 7.14+

  1. Upon opening your Clinic Essentials program after December 31, you should be prompted to reset visit counters with this message:

It appears that you have logged in a New Year, do you wish to reset all Year To Date visit counters and the patient chart number prefix? Yes/No

  1. Click Yes. This will reset your MSP visit count, Patient Visits, and 3rd Party dollar amounts used.

For older versions

If you are using an older version, please do the following:

Resetting the Year to Date Counters for MSP Visits

  1. Close the reception and scheduler screen
  2. Click on MSP
  3. Click on Utilities
  4. Click on Reset Visit Counters
  5. Click on Yes

Resetting the Year to Date Counter for Patient Visits only (visits, no-shows, cancels)

  1. Click on Utilities
  2. Click on Year-to-Date Counters
  3. A message will appear:

This option will reset Year-to-Date counters to zero for all patients. It is advised that this utility is used at the beginning or end of each cash year. Reset Counter? Yes/No

  1. Click Yes

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