Chiropractic Clinic Software Success Story - Clinic Essentials

Armitage & Associates Chiropractic

Clinic Essentials Success Story - Armitage & Associates

Armitage & Associates is a Vancouver sports chiropractic clinic specializing in sports injury and rehabilitation. Staffed with a sports chiropractor and registered massage therapists, Armitage & Associates focuses on the individual needs of each patient to maximize physical potential and teach proper movement patterns.

The Challenge
Managing a successful clinic requires you to build strong relationships and understand your patients’ needs. The challenge is finding the time to focus on patient care. Despite seeing growth in his patient population, Robert Armitage believed his clinic could offer more, including how they assist patients with adherence to their treatment schedules. To improve this, Dr. Armitage wanted a solution that would help streamline administrative tasks so that they can give patients the proper attention and care they deserve.

The Solution
After reviewing several clinic management solutions, Dr. Armitage decided that Clinic Essentials was the right software for his clinic. While most software required clinics to adopt specific processes, Clinic Essentials was designed to optimize the clinic’s current workflow. Clinics benefit from this as they have total control of how they want to manage their own clinic.

Installing and setting up Clinic Essentials was quick and simple. The clinic assistants were able to start using the software immediately. “Our office is incredibly pleased with the service and software,” said Dr. Armitage. The user-friendly interface made it easy for the staff to navigate their way around the system and the Clinic Essentials help desk was a phone call away if they had any questions.

The reporting tool proved to be very useful for the Armitage & Associates medical office. They were able keep track of finances and measure revenue growth with quarterly and yearly comparisons. With over 300 specialized reports, they were also able to gain more insight about patient behaviour and demographics.

The Result
Since using Clinic Essentials, the clerical staff noticed that less time was needed to perform daily administrative processes. As a result, they were able to focus on providing their patients with the proper care and keeping them on track with their treatment schedule.

Today, the Armitage & Associates medical office continues to grow and has won numerous awards within the chiropractic profession. Part of this growth can be attributed to their commitment and dedication to patient care. “Clinic Essentials makes our office run more efficiently and ensures our patients are on schedule with their treatment” say Dr. Armitage. “We highly recommend every medical office utilize this fantastic service.”